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that new 'game'

15 Year Old Girl Takes Knockout “Game” Attacks Right to the Homes of Elderly Victims 

Kimberly Paxton
The Daily Sheeple
30 November 2013

"Horrifyingly, when interviewed, teens at a nearby high school don’t seem to believe that the attackers did anything wrong.  This sociopathic behavior, completely bereft of motive or regard for others, is seen as “fun”.  One student told NBC-2 News, “I’m not gonna say it’s not right and it’s not fun, because it is fun.”

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Recent New York attacks
Some have been killed
And an opposing view from NPR

the list

List of Names: Military Purge High Officers 

Investment Watch
21 November 2013

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Hat tip: Countdown to Zero

Note. The last notation is merely a number: readers should add 157 additional officers (from the Air Force) to the list she has set out by name. Ed.

you see how fast it is changing

Christian B&B Owners Lose UK Supreme Court Appeal

Charisma News
27 November 2013

"Hazelmary Bull says she is “deeply disappointed and saddened” by the ruling, which is the first of its kind to be handed down by the U.K. Supreme Court.

She adds, “We are just ordinary Christians who believe in the importance of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

“Our B&B is not just our business, it’s our home. All we have ever tried to do is live according to our own values, under our own roof."

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something rotten in Belgium

Belgium: Senate Panel Approves Measure Allowing Doctors to Euthanize Children

Steven Ertelt
Life News
27 November 2013

"The Belgian Senate committee voted 13-4 to allow minors to seek euthanasia under certain conditions and the measure also would extend the right to request euthanasia to adults with dementia. The bill still has legislative votes to clear before it becomes law and it now heads to the Senate, where it will be debated in a plenary meeting by all senators. There is still a chance to stop the bill in that chamber but, if approved, it goes to the House of Representatives."

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Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
Son turns activist after his mother's death
Pew Research on America's view to assisted suicide

evil dreams [warning: graphic]

Cannibal cop 'killed and ATE a man he met on "exotic meat" website

Allan Hall and Becky Evans
Daily Mail
29 November 2013

"'The victim had been fantasising about being killed and eaten by someone else since his youth,' Dresden police chief Dieter Kroll told a news conference.

Authorities are now checking whether any body parts are missing or were eaten but the suspect has denied doing so."

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and wishing they would not

How Scientists Are Learning To Shape Our Memory

Virginia Hughes
Popular Science
25 November 2013

"Researchers have known for decades that memories are unreliable. They’re particularly adjustable when actively recalled because at that point they’re pulled out of a stable molecular state."

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soon to be in a Texas neighborhood

Mexican teenage assassin to soon live freely in Texas

Richard Fausset and Cecilia Sanchez
L. A. Times
26 November 2013

"The killer, Edgar Jimenez Lugo, known to Mexican crime reporters as "El Ponchis," is 17 years old. He was 11 when he killed his first victim, and he was 14 when he was arrested, in December 2010, at the Cuernavaca airport, along with luggage containing two handguns and packets of cocaine."

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The report seems to overlook the one small detail that he killed his victims by beheading them...

Luke 23:30

When a panic room is no longer enough: The 'billionaire bunkers' in America...

Daily Mail
28 November 2013

"The bunkers rely on geothermal power and have food supplies, wells for water and medical facilities. Others have entertainment areas such as theaters, restaurants and spas, meaning that if there was a disaster or invasion, families could survive inside for three generations."

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Hat tip: Steve Quayle

"Whatever happens" (8 September 2013)
They're big business  (2011)
The Feds have it covered

reminding why I keep this blog

“I Fear For What’s Coming” – 68 Percent Of Americans Believe The Country Is On The Wrong Track

Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse
25 November 2013

"Once upon a time, America was the wealthiest nation on the entire globe by a huge margin and it had the largest and most thriving middle class the world had ever seen.  But now America is drowning in the biggest ocean of red ink in the history of the planet and the middle class is being systematically destroyed."

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Michael Snyder's posts get more reposts in the alternative press than many. His articles are always documented, and tend towards summarizing via 'lists' of stories under a title's head.

This one caught my eye primarily because of his comments near the end of the post about fear, light, and the possible reactions of each of us to the coming collapse. While Snyder affirms that, "I am not worried about what is coming and I do not believe in giving in to fear.

Rather, I believe that there is hope in understanding what is happening, and I believe that there is hope in getting prepared," I thought to take a moment to consider again why I keep a similar blog of 'awfuls.'

And my hope is that those of us who are called to be Christ's own will clearly recognize the hour, and be enabled to bypass the coming delusion, and remain Christ's own.

So many in the very faith of Christ Jesus are being deceived...

All eras since the Advent of Christ upon planet Earth have thought the end was near. In examining the world that is out there now, what makes this hour different...

That remains the purpose of this blog, to help those who are deceived see the Truth, and follow Jesus.

and the continuing question of Sweden...

Who owns your children? Sweden's answer is absolute: government

Ted Byfield
The Christians
20 April 2013

"Over the next four years it would wind up in the Supreme Court of Sweden and before the European Court of Human Rights, would involve the Swedish ambassador in Washington, and would see the Johanssons legally deprived of all parental rights and effectively denied custody of Domenic for the rest of his childhood. "

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Note: I have not compiled a chronological order for these posts: the one set in above seemed to have a sound replay of the whole. Would strongly advise readers to read all, however, as they pull from several disturbing events at large. Several perspectives, too, to the Johannson family loss, that will aid in apprehending the whole. Ed.

From Christian News (11 November 2013)
From HSLDA (30 April 2013)
From India Today

Real time access to phones, mail, and more (19 November 2013)
The earlier loss (2008) (30 November 2013)

privacy is to liberty as a man's home is to his castle

Is your TV spying on YOU?

Guy Adams
Daily Mail
25 November 2013

"What’s to blame is the continuing rise of smart televisions, which account for most new TV sets sold and are predicted to be in more than half of British homes by 2016. These high-tech devices differ from traditional televisions in that they are not just passive boxes that receive a signal and transfer it to a backlit screen.

Instead, they are essentially computers that connect to the internet — and so also send information back the other way."

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Hat tip: Steve Quayle (and a special thanks to Mr. Quayle, who consistently ferrets out more 'need to be noticed (and handed on)' material than anyone else on the web)

Way back when the US changed over from analog to digital TV, a largely uneducated and almost superstitiously religious woman who worked in housekeeping at a company from which I earned my keep, told me in great seriousness that these new TVs were going to spy on you, and they would be aware of everything you did.

I didn't doubt that one day they might, but shrugged it off otherwise: what could we do? The changeover from analog to digital was not optional.

Recently, reports began to circulate about lap tops being hacked by folk who were watching whatever you did, where ever you were.

Rattled, I put a bit of tape (and a folded over piece of paper) over the camera opening on my laptop.

But now, TVs (those, that is, far fancier than my own, which is still digital via that little box) are doing likewise.

Privacy is no more. That is the global now. What remains is already seething about us. Good time to be aware, and to be set on preparing for what so many have warned...

That hidden code on Obamacare website (24 October 2013)
The nefarious behind those Apple apps (28 February 2012)
Facebook calling (27 November 2013)
Another succinct list + detail by Michael Snyder (27 November 2013)
Leaping in from your retail visit to your phone (14 November 2013)
Well, let's just unobtrusively spy on our neighbors, friends, family, enemies... (28 November 2013)
Economic injury required to prove violation of privacy? (28 November 2013)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

update in Hobby Lobby case

Supreme Court Accepts Hobby Lobby’s Challenge to Obama’s HHS Mandate

Steven Ertelt
Life News
26 November 2013

"Hobby Lobby could have paid as much as $1.3 million each day in fines for refusing to pay for birth control or abortion-causing drugs under the mandate."

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a most blessed word

Pope Francis: Abortion ‘cries out in vengeance to God’; Church will never change teaching

John-Henry Westen
Life Site News
26 November 2013

"In a recent homily, seen by some Vatican watchers as wake up call to liberal Catholics to abandon hopes of Pope Francis altering Church teaching on abortion and contraception, he warned against the desire to “be like everyone else” and what he called an “adolescent progressivism”. “Lord,” the pope prayed, “give me the discernment to recognize the subtle conspiracies of worldliness that lead us to negotiate our values and our faith.”"

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a renaissance which cometh

China at odds with US, allies over its newly declared ‘defense zone’

Erik Slavin
Stars and Stripes
25 November 2013

"As China’s military continues to rapidly modernize, it has grown increasingly assertive in its claims...

China’s assertiveness has led some of its neighbors to explore closer military ties to the United States, which is rebalancing its global posture toward the Pacific. The U.S. plans to base 60 percent of its ships and 60 percent of its air assets in the Pacific by 2020, according to Pentagon reports."

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"The great renaissance of the Chinese nation"
Chinese wealthy (& their money) fleeing China

the last of the original twenty-nine Navajo Code Talkers

Navajo Code Talker to be honored 

Meredith Tibbets
The Ruptured Duck
8 November 2013

"Twenty-nine men gathered together and created a code that was unbreakable. They brought it with them as they entered the battlefields of World War II. The Japanese tortured the men they caught in an effort to break the code, but they couldn’t."

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Monday, November 25, 2013

the necessity of the people

America Has Come to a Crossroads

MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.)
Stand Up America
24 November 2013

"It appears to many of us, at home and abroad, that the United States is in a continual downward spiral, but the challenges can be overcome and we can recover and reverse that death spiral!"

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U.S. General: Let's Make Obama Resign

F. Michael Maloof
20 November 2013

"Vallely reminds Americans that the Declaration of Independence itself states that whenever “any Form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem more likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.”


One of the issues that alarms Vallely is the high number of senior officers in the U.S. military who have been fired under the Obama administration, a toll estimated at one officer per week. Indeed, Vallely has been very outspoken to what he calls a “purge” of the U.S. military by the Obama administration — with a stunning nine generals and flag officers relieved of duty this year alone."

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our damned new world

Two Y Genes Can Replace the Entire Y Chromosome for Assisted Reproduction in Mice

Science Daily
21 November 2013

"As for the human Y chromosome, the researchers agree that it's not on its way to oblivion. Its genetic information is important for developing mature sperm and for its function in normal fertilization. The same is true for mice.

"Most of the mouse Y chromosome genes are necessary for normal fertilization," Ward said. "However, when it comes to assisted reproduction, our mouse study proves that the Y chromosome contribution can be brought to a bare minimum. It may be possible to eliminate the mouse Y chromosome altogether if appropriate replacements are made for those two genes.""

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Hat tip: The Daily Sheeple

Transgenic mice were used in these experiments. 'Transgenic' means, an organism whose genome has been altered by the transfer of a gene or genes from another species or breed.

from darkness to darkness

Afghanistan 'plans to reintroduce public stoning as punishment for adultery'

Rob Crilly
The Telegraph
25 November 2013

"Afghanistan is planning to reintroduce public stoning as punishment for adultery 12 years after the Taliban was ousted from power, according to a new draft penal code."

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Hat tip: An email correspondent

Sunday, November 24, 2013

because this is the world we live in now

Suspect's family angry at Good Samaritan, police

Andrew Perez and Joe Salvatore
Fox10 TV
15 November 2013

"A family member who did not want to be identified said White [the alleged 'masked gunman' who was holding a gun to an employee's head] should have never been shot to begin with.

“If his (the customer) life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him - what gives him the right to think that it's okay to just shoot someone?” said the relative. “You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.”"

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Hat tip: From the Trenches World Report

update for those no longer dreaming

Social Logins for Government Services Profile User's Identity

Julie Beal
Activist Post
24 November 2013

"For a few years now, financial organisations, such as PayPal and Equifax, have been using social profiles as an additional authentication factor when it comes to authorisation. (So it helps that Google and Facebook are insisting people use their real name.)

In other words, even without seeing your birth certificate or passport, the information contained in these profiles is considered to bolster the trustworthiness of data from credit bureaus, cell phones, and criminal records, and allow you to apply for credit online.


Labelling ‘the trusted ones’ has already begun. Have you noticed some websites are ‘secure’ and have the green address bar?

And you can’t leave comments on YouTube any more unless you sign in to Google."

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If reading the post linked above does not scare the diggly-daylights out of you (and yes, I had been curious why I was seeing that 'secure' bar in strange places), you have not been paying attention...

And while I can presume the Christian ethos of most of my readers, and therefore merely remind...

For those who do not know the sayings of Jesus, many believe that His prophecy regarding the last hour combines the destruction of Jerusalem (70 AD) with the destructions prior to His return (Luke 21; Matthew 24)—and a clear promise that one or the other (or both) would occur within the time frame of a generation.

Whether that was metaphor for a relentlessly fast deterioration or an exact time line is irrelevant: things are coming together now rapidly, and only the most innocent could believe otherwise...

Loss of privacy in any degree is critical warning of that rapidly approaching hour.

Many bloggers are beginning to include in the posts which track these developments the clarion call to the only safety...

Jesus Christ, Redeemer, Son of the Living God, Bright Morning Star, Beginning and End. If you hear Him calling, welcome Him in.

The time is short, and the delusion already is here amongst us. Not a good time for a casual faith...

please not to America

Teen assassin, 14, who BEHEADED his four victims to be released from jail as Mexico and U.S. clash over where he should live

Daily Mail
24 November 2013

"The request by the governor for him to be sent to the U.S. is not an unreasonable one. Lugo was born in the United States and is therefore an American citizen."

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Hat tip: Steve Quayle

Part of Lugo's defense was that he was drugged when he committed the crimes, after being kidnapped when he was eleven and forced to take part in these killings by a [specific] Mexican drug cartel or be killed.

One must note, however, that he was captured attempting to board a plane to fly to San Diego, where his mother lived.

Readers are advised to keep a larger picture in the back pocket, here. And closely.

bright moment of hope for German homeschool family

Supreme Court orders Obama admin to respond on German homeschool case

Life Site News
23 November 2013

"“Germany is a party to numerous international treaties,” [Michael Donnelly, Director of the Home School Legal Defense Association] said. “Those treaties and fundamental international human rights standards recognize the role of parents in selecting the kind of education their children should receive. Banning this entire form of education violates those treaties and the rights of all German parents. "

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excellent summation on Common Core

Gates Unhinged

Tabitha Korol
Canada Free Press
22 November 2013

"Direct teacher instruction will be replaced by self-directed learning, group-think, with emphasis on subjectivity, feelings, emotions, beliefs, multiculturalism, political correctness, social engineering, globalism, sexual freedom, environmental extremism, victimization, moral relativism, and redistribution of wealth.  The instructor’s role in academic instructions will be reduced to facilitator.  Rather than focus on factual learning, developing foundational skills for logical and analytical reasoning and independent thinking, the students will teach each other, focus on feelings, emotions, opinions, and group-think."

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I always chide people when I hear them complain about having to pay a school tax when they don't have children in school.

You pay a school tax so that you have the privilege of living in an educated society.

Never forget that.

In that same sense, whether you might think the Obama education plan is not a matter about which you should be concerned, if it becomes the law of the land, you need to know what it is, what distinguishes it from traditional teaching, and how it will effect standardized testing (as if standardized—I might better use the word 'bastardized'—testing could encapsulate what it is to be educated—and I use 'educated' with all the irony that can be mustered!

Education is rife with items that have absolutely nothing to do with either wisdom or knowledge.

But we won't go there this time).

And you must also chase down all content about its content!

Because this new directive in education likewise will affect the society in which you live.

The idea behind peer (and/or 'group') instruction has been in place for several years now, at the college level. My college origins date back to the early 1970's, however, I did not complete my degree. In 2003, doing a Return to Campus (RTC) program at a highly-regarded women's college (which shall be unnamed), I stumbled into these student projects and did not quite know what to make of them.

I thought perhaps they were intended to create some sense of a future 'teamwork' necessary for the modern work environment.

Journals were also a portion of the new method of study. I never could quite 'get' what I was supposed to be doing with them. Old school, I kept trying to write short papers on whatever the topic required—perhaps an overview of classical elements within a poem, or a piece of art (this was a course in classical mythology).

The professor had me redo several of the journal entries, but I think she finally gave up on me, and/or accepted what I was attempting to do as the assignment. She floundered at expressing exactly what journaling was supposed to accomplish: we were contemporaries, and I must presume she read the askance in my miscomprehension as an alert to what do you think you are asking?

But I have some misbegotten memory to something about, you know, the personal 'me,' in the midst of (and the purpose opposing) that graver reality that education is, rather, a mastering of the inside and outside of each subject and objective analysis regarding what makes its subject matter tick: the whole package is indelibly and eternally not about my personal reaction to said subject.

(I maintained a 4.0 GPA at that college, in spite of my inability to concede a subjective reaction, and during semesters in which I was inclined to take on two languages (Latin and German), and philosophy classes, as well as higher level English and other such treasures, and all at the same time.

When I transferred to the other university, below, my GPA fell.

Where, for all the similar group projects, and peer reviews, the objective approach to a subject matter as a necessity to be approached with serious study, critical thought and both classroom/sitting under lecture/dialogue and written inquiry with proof remained the rule.)

We did peer review projects at the university to which I transferred after three semesters at the all-women's college (in addition to group projects, one of which resulted in my being warned I was going further, as I presented my portion of the group project, than the assignment asked). In spite of the overall thrust to critical thought and inquiry at the college as a whole, the students were not so much 'there.' I was astounded by the degree to which the junior level paper I 'reviewed' seemed barely on the level of a high school paper. It defended nothing, and merely regurgitated quotes from cited sources (in lieu of argument and proof).

Although, as noted, this university likewise did group projects, it's academic excellence otherwise is of much note: it used a Great Books curriculum as its core, and to much advantage.

Or so I still like to believe.

I keep a journal as a matter of course, and have done so most of my life. My own journals tend to eventually tackle extensive thought on a matter, and sometimes an entry makes its way into my blogs. Although my journaling (and personal correspondence) have helped me develop a very real ease in writing, formal writing is not at all made of the stuff of journal entries. That mine might often tackle matters that can be fit into posts is merely testament to the drive and/or focus of my thoughts.

Being able to compare the two 'types' of study, I find the modern method (group projects, journals based on personal 'feelings' about a topic, even peer review) inferior. How far Common Core will go to reduce the overall intelligence quotient of the nation is not mine to know: I taught my own at home, as I have mentioned elsewhere.

Home-schoolers are already noting, however, the impact of Common Core into their territory.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

what is done in secret...

Media protest White House photo ban

Hadas Gold
21 November 2013

"The letter was also signed by the American Society of Newspaper Editors and the White House News Photographers Association, as well as leading media outlets like ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, The Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Yahoo News.

The practice is a "troubling break from tradition," the letter stated, as previous administrations have granted press access to the types of events the Obama administration now restricts."

[Read more...]

Hat tip: Activist Post

and then they launched three satellites....

Pole Shift: It Has Started…

Chris Carrington
Activist Post
23 November 2013

"One thing we do have the answer to already is that scientists, and most likely politicians as well, are worried. Cash strapped, austerity driven Europe would not be spending tens of millions of dollars putting three satellites into space if they weren’t.

This is a situation we can do nothing about. Governments around the world know it’s started, but once again they say nothing. They give no advice about preparing for the future."

[Read more...]

Three Satellites and Why

biting the hand that feeds you is not very nice

Oprah genocide? Says entire generation of racists 'have to die'

J.D. Heyes
Natural News
23 November 2013

"Congress is full of them, but so is Hollywood: black people who continue to whine about "racism" in an overwhelmingly white country that has enriched them and provided them with notoriety."

[Read more...]

Although I linked to the interview which is the bulk of the above in another post, I am setting it out here because the analysis proffered by the writer is most apt.

I might, however, argue with that last point, save were it offered in jest. Ms. Winfrey achieves her own notoriety, and in the face of much honor and fame and adoration, freely given her by a fawning, primarily white public.

Will Ms. Winfrey be driven to her knees a la Paula Deen (whose falling I borrow, not because I agree with the public that turned on her, but rather, to remind of how fickle that adoring public can be)...

the Danvers case [warning: graphic]

[Title redacted]*

Rachel Quigley
Daily Mail
21 November 2013

"'The indictments returned today detail horrific and unspeakable acts,' District Attorney said."

[Read more...]

The alleged perpetrator of Ms. Ritzer's murder, 14 year old student Philip Chism, was known for a quiet, respectful demeanor. No connection to drugs, meds or prior scrapes (or violent tendencies) has been uncovered by authorities.

One source, however, states that the teen brought the box cutter, a mask, gloves, and multiple changes of clothing to school with him that day.

What is happening?

CNN article with additional details (not graphic)
The local update
Includes links for search warrant, affidavits [graphic content]

* The UK article contains graphic details in its title and report that the American news reports render in less graphic terms. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

the day the world lost three men of the ages

CS Lewis: The Belfast boy whose death was overshadowed by JFK

The Telegraph
22 November 2013

"[Lewis] died, aged 64, less than an hour before JFK was shot, and 12 minutes after Aldous Huxley succumbed to cancer. News of the writers' coincidental demise would be swallowed by the outpouring of shock and grief springing from Texas. Nobody noticed that Lewis was gone..."

[Read more...]

A quick (and excellent) biography of Huxley
Fifty Years since C. S. Lewis
Early Reviews of Narnia (The Guardian)

and the children...God be with the children

Ten Year Old Girl Beaten, Starved, Burned & Stuffed in Garbage

"Emani's father, Eman Moss, and step-mother, Tiffany Moss, have been arrested and charged with murder, concealing a body, and child cruelty after police say they had starved to death their daughter and then set her body on fire to cover up the crime."

UPDATES: Moss Family Suing DFACS; Death Penalty Weighed

The Lazy Parent Story (Baby Almost Starved to Death)

"“Brittany [the mother] told investigators when she was asked why she didn’t feed this baby she said that she had other things to do, like getting the oil changed in the car,” she said. The 21-year-old ‘parents’ admitted they preferred drinking and smoking pot with their friends instead of taking care of their baby."

Toddler Murdered by Father as Revenge against Mom

"In a disgusting display of unbelievable cruelty, McKoy posted an adorable picture of himself and his 19-month-old daughter Mia, just moments before he shot her in the head and killed her. He wrote ‘I told u I can’t live without u lol u thought I was joking now me n Mia out this b----.’He then turned the gun on himself. Right now, he is alive and in critical condition."

And the Young Girl Found in the Cage

""I've done this for 20 years, and I've never seen anything like this in my life," Gloucester Sheriff's Maj. Darrell Warren said."

Child Chained with Dead Chicken around Neck

"A social services worker and a hospital nurse were arrested Friday after a North Carolina sheriff's deputy spotted their 11-year-old foster child allegedly chained to their porch with a dead chicken draped around his neck. "

Albuquerque Protects Late-Term Abortion

"The ban would have affected the entire state, given that the only two clinics that perform abortion at that stage in the pregnancy are in Albuquerque. One, Southwestern Women’s Options, is perhaps one of the only in the country to openly admit it does abortions after 20 weeks; out-of-state license plates can often be spotted in its parking lot."

That Strange Voice in the Baby's Bedroom

"Marc Gilbert said they realized the voice was coming from the Web camera they use to keep tabs on the children.

What they heard next was ugly."

Not Putting in the Ritz

"Kristen Bartkiw sent her children Natalie and Logan to daycare with lunches of leftover roast beef, potatoes, carrots, milk, and oranges.

The daycare providers evidently didn’t think the wholesome lunch fit the nutritional bill because Bartkiw was subsequently charged for the Ritz crackers that the lunches had to be ‘supplemented’ with."

School Throws Child's Breakfast in the Trash

"A 12-year-old boy was forced to sit in embarrassment at the breakfast table at Barber Middle School in Dickinson ISD when cafeteria workers took his food away and threw it in the garbage. Why? Because the boy’s account was short a measly 30 cents. "

You Wait in Line, or Else (Dad Arrested...)

""You don't need a reason as a parent to go get your children. They are our children," Howe said."

[Gay] Chastity vs. the Alumni: Cardinal Spellman High

"Neither the Times article nor the announcement states precisely what “issues” led to the cancellation of the presentation, although the newspaper reported that "several" alumni had expressed concerns that (in the words of the Times), "the event would send an alienating message to young people, particularly those in the process of self-discovery or those with a gay relative." A Faceook initiative agains[t] the talk had also gained some 200 supporters."

Whose Children are They: Parents vs. Schools

"An even more disturbing letter came to the attention of Police State USA from Minnesota.  In a letter addressed from the Fond Du Lac Social Service, a parent who allegedly allowed a child to miss dental appointment(s) was threatened with being reported for being a neglectful parent to child protective services."

The Boston Children's Hospital Atrocity

"Nine months after the incident. Mr and Mrs Pelletier remain embroiled in a bitter custody battle with the hospital who allow Justina so little time to see her family she has resorted to smuggling letters to them in origami artwork."

Mean Moms Gossiping about "Ugly" Toddlers

"Another mother chimed in, "An ugly baby thread. I have died and gone to heaven...why can't you guys live near me so we can do this over cocktails?""

in case you missed this on the nightly news...

Palo Alto man, 85, removed from plane, detained in North Korea

Josh Richman and Julia Prodis Sulek
San Jose Mercury News
21 November 2013

"North Korea hasn't formally acknowledged it is holding Newman, much less a reason why -- which an expert on that nation called particularly odd. And the State Department on Tuesday heightened a travel warning for North Korea but would neither link the advisory to Newman's detainment or even confirm he is the American being held.


Daniel Sneider, a North Korea expert, said it's not unprecedented for North Koreans to arrest American travelers.

"But even by North Korean standards, this is unusual," said Sneider, associate director for research at Stanford's Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center."

[Read more...]

It goes without saying that this retired Korean War veteran and his family are in need of our prayers.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

are you sleeping, are you sleeping...

Exclusive: Inside America's Plan to Kill Online Privacy Rights Everywhere

Colum Lynch
Foreign Policy
21 November 2013

"Instead, the United States wants to limit the focus to illegal surveillance -- which the American government claims it never, ever does. Collecting information on tens of millions of people around the world is perfectly acceptable, the Obama administration has repeatedly said. It's authorized by U.S. statute, overseen by Congress, and approved by American courts."

[Read more...]

And again, I recommend Dave Hodge's post on tyranny. Doesn't matter any more whether conspiracy theorists are correctly connecting the dots.

What matters is what they are noticing might...

alas, o peanut butter & jelly, I knew thee well

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is Racist, Says Portland School Official

Nathan Hardan
21 November 2013

"The Tribune noted that the school started the new year with “intensive staff trainings, frequent staff meetings, classroom observations and other initiatives,” to help educators understand their own “white privilege,” in order to “change their teaching practices to boost minority students’ performance.”"

[Read more...]

Please don't mention white privilege when I am in the room. Gets me very, very, very disturbed.*

* For those who might not recognize dry wit when they see it, please note that the above...



To be very.




speaking softly, and what is happening to the big stick?

Despite Promises, Obama Planning to Close ICBM Squadron

Alana Goodman
Washington Free Beacon
21 November 2013

"John Noonan, spokesman for House Armed Services Committee Republicans, said there does not appear to be any strategic justification for the proposed reductions, adding that the United States has a responsibility to maintain a large and disperse ICBM force that will deter large-scale enemy attacks."

[Read more...]

Hat tip: Steve Quayle

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

good time to be waking up

Supreme Court backed Government DNA gathering is becoming a Reality in America

John DeMayo
Freedom Outpost
20 November 2013

"To quote from our most conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's dissenting opinion on this historically significant case:

"Make no mistake about it: As an entirely predictable consequence of today's decision, your DNA can be taken and entered into a national DNA database if you are ever arrested, rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason.""

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And I refer you again back to Dave Hodge's post...

if it has Obama's name on it...

Common Core: Obama Education Plan Sparks Nationwide Protest

Audrey Hudson
18 November 2013

"Opponents nationwide declared Monday "National Don't Send Your Child to School Day," and were planning protests in local school districts. A Facebook page boasted that 6,000 followers would attend the protests."

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The Blaze database on Common Core
Changed perspective against Common Core by a principal
A view from a parent on Common Core
"We must obey government officials" is the correct answer on the test

the sort of idea that makes me VERY nervous...

NHTSA May Mandate That New Cars Broadcast Location, Direction and Speed 

Terence P. Jeffrey
19 November 2013

"The downside is that such a transportation system would give the government at least the capability to exert increasing control over when, where, if--or for how much additional taxation--people are allowed to go places in individually owned vehicles. It could also give government the ability to track where people go and when."

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Hat tip: Infowars

Nothing innocent about this one. Does the government need to have this information? I refer you back to the Dave Hodges post regarding how these dots connect...

farewell to Main St.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Economic Enslavement

James Hall
20 November 2013

"When monopolies eliminate competition, the marketplace suffers a crowding out of main street businesses. With the demise of familiar business enterprises, the multinationals expand without hindrance. Entrepreneurial small business is seldom in a position to fill the void left when the muscle of international finance decides to control a business sector. "

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unless you're sleeping

America Has Entered a New Level of Tyranny

Dave Hodges
The Common Sense Show
20 November 2013

"With all the historical precedents, it is amazing that nobody seems to be asking the question, “When does all of this intelligence gathering become actionable”?  In other words, what is the government going to do with all the surveillance data that they have acquired? Is this an exercise in mental masturbation, or is the NSA and ultimately the government going to do something with this vast amount of personal information? Why isn’t anyone asking these questions? Once again, the answer to the first question is that there never has been a police state that did not act upon the information it gathered on the people, and I believe that time is upon America."

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Just the reminder that conspiracy theorists deal with possibility, and dots connected against a future end (that may or may not occur).

If you have not yet gone where Mr. Hodges goes, you might just be sleeping.

If only we still could be sleeping...

oh! oh! oh!

Obama, Declining Media, and the End of “Gimme!” Government

Arthur Christopher Schaper
Canada Free Press
19 November 2013

"It’s official: President Barack Obama is as unpopular as George W. Bush was during his fifth year in office. While polling is a fickle means for assessing the efficacy of the commander-in-chief, the argument that President Obama would get a pass from the passing media is no longer the case."

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that hope of maybe, just maybe, a tomorrow after Obama

The beginning of the end for Barack Obama

Joseph Curl
The Washington Times
17 November 2013

"Twenty hours after Mr. Obama’s depressing presser, 39 Democrats joined Republicans to support the “Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013.” And just like that, No. 44 became a lame duck, eviscerated and emasculated. The shutdown? Ancient history. The fractured Republican Party? Gone with the wind."

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but rather, a day of slaughter

6 Facts About Hunger That Demonstrate the Shameful Excesses of American Capitalism

Paul Buchheit
Alter Net
23 June 2013

"Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, two Kochs, and four Waltons made an average of $6 billion each from their stocks and other investments in 2012. A $6 billion per year person makes enough in two seconds (based on a 40-hour work-week) to pay a year's worth of benefits to the average SNAP recipient."

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Looking at Washington DC and Wal-Mart again
Wal-Mart and part-timers turning into temps (Read comments, too)
From Business Insider on Wal-Mart
A Corporate Watchdog's View (2002)

Readers should remember that I do not necessarily agree with the positions taken by all links to which I post. Additionally, deviousness being what it is, the very language changes as we go, and hides many items that are not quite so innocent as they seem. 

The decisive lens, however, through which I view all (and the one that finally proves true, or not-true), is the Logos of God, correctly apprehended, and nurtured so that its seed-gift does not die, but produces a fruit hundredfold times over (Mt. 13:8) the size of the tiny seed that began all, quiet in the very soul and breathing... 

This is an older post, and has languished in permanent draft mode. The subject matter, however, is timeless, and more so in this day wherein corporations (and the wealth of the few) must be questioned, against musings of at what point wealth might be considered excessive, and if so, what remedies might be (or have been) appropriate in safeguarding the many, from the few... 

In an unbridled capitalist society, injury can be presumed. Yet restrictions to free enterprise are likewise not always made of the stuff of a palatable undertaking. An uneasy tension, always, between 'unbridled' and 'necessity's girdle...'

If I may, our time is acutely defined by the dissonance between James 5:3 and redistribution of wealth.

Your gold and silver have corroded, and the very rust of each will serve as proof against you: their testimony against you will eat your flesh as fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. *

I do not support redistribution of wealth, as it is understood by the current administration. I believe in free enterprise as necessity and as it is supported by Scripture. (See here for example. It intrigues to note that the verse does not merely speak to ownership of a home as proof of 'good' within a community and/or nation, but said ownership is framed within safety and/or security.

The mandate that an individual might own his own home and livelihood and 'refreshing' is inlaid into Jewish thought, although I suspect it was not in the same sense as we know such: it seems to exist as a sort of motif or rallying cry, rather, of the best and most proper world and/or life attainment.

The particulars of how each might or might not have acquired a home is not mine to know; however, the use as a motif of perfection mandates that it was not always attained, whether because of national situation or otherwise.

As I mention frequently, American jurisprudence is based on several historical templates, of which Judeo-Christian jurisprudence is one. A sense, then, of a private ownership of the essentials of life as 'one's own,' which is a defining point of capitalism, might be found in the Jewish thought that is the origin of what became Christian thought.)

For a great many years now (as is evidenced by random posts at several blogs), I have questioned a   system that is free to establish a wide disparity between the earnings of a company's leadership and its investors against those upon whose back those earnings are made.

Walk with me, here.

While I would not want to veer over into this without exacting research, there lingers in my mind an item I noted long ago in a Victorian novel, one of the master works of that era, although I forget the title and author.

To whit, what was beginning then as what we know now as the stock market was not the stuff of gentlemen, who regarded it as speculation and a sordid manner of earning wealth. Would that I could call the exact quote to mind!

Whether a particular type of stock trading (rather than the global of stock trading, as I have constrained it within my own mind) was inferred in the novel or not, I cannot say: the London Stock Exchange became "the first regulated London, and the modern Stock Exchange [wa]s born" in 1801.

But stocks (and an inherent, 'unearned' wealth) are not the only driving force in today's wealth. Something vastly constructed—which is to say, mechanically and definitively created—plays herein as well. No laws exist that define how much an employee can or must (or likewise cannot) earn in any particular position, and likewise, no laws exist that define the earnings of those who are at the head of a company.

(Unions are outside the constraints of what I attempt herein, which tends more to a theological and/or philosophical treatise on the whole.)

It seems (and readers are welcome to challenge my observations) that, within an industry in a specific community, guidelines develop that are regarded as a 'normal' range for a particular position. Companies either regard them in choosing how much to pay or they do not; in the main, however, most companies pay within that range for employees in those positions within a particular geographical location.

Which is to say. A receptionist might make as much as, say, thirteen dollars an hour or as little as eight but the position is likely not going to earn twenty-five dollars in that same market, regardless of how much the highest paid employee of that company earns.

That curiousity that remains, however, when the lowest earners within a company do not even make 10% of what the wealthiest earn concerns. A gap that large (and larger), when created within a system that deliberately creates the exact amounts each position within the system earns, must operate outside of a 'free market' defense.

In a true 'market' system, one's earnings are decided on the basis of how much each individual sells.

A certain 'fairness' built in: if another seller sells more, well and good.

A similar fairness cannot be said to exist in man-made economic infrastructures.

In the same sense, while it seems to my disinterested memory that set amounts did once govern sports figures, excess rules there as surely as in stockholder earnings (when compared to workers) and CEOs of high-earning companies.

Excess, however, being the defining point of the day, and in a society that holds pensions and stock market trends (and now, that rush to gold) and wealth to be defining points of success, the verse that charges you have hoarded wealth in the last days (later in the passage cleanly said to be 'a day of slaughter') should compel all to examine the moral impurity to excessive wealth when earned in such a landscape and to such result...

Not that I will hold my breath to wait its happening.

It is in that sense, however, that I proffer the above links. This side of Heaven, we seem to devolve to systems created by and instilled and administrated and endured by man, some (whatever system is used) going to wealth, others to a working poverty, and others to lives of sponging off others without contributing anything but the ready hand of give-me: whether socialism or communism or a redistribution of wealth to unfairly reward those who do not work to earn—or even a 'free enterprise'—it is in the context of the answer to God for that wealth that I proffer any posts herein about wealth.

Because I do not see that Heaven will justify this hoarding and those who, like the Koch Brothers or Bill Gates or the Walton family or many others, who earned their wealth on the backs of workers who do not share in the wealth earned...

Something about that remains problematic. Yet countered always by the reality that, even in the act of Christian giving, a gift ceases to be a gift if it is mandated as 'have to.'

The mandate of moral integrity, however, is indeed a 'have to,' and it is by this that we will all be judged at the last hour.

Because yes, we always had a choice. It is the choosing that will condemn us in the last hour.

Given the excesses of modern corporations, a commentator who might vilify the city council who stood up to Walmart's tawdry bullying and 'lost' the stores Walmart had intended to set into the Washington community needs a refresher course in American economics. No advantage to the poor can be envisioned from corporate excess.

* James may be, I believe, referring in his "eat your flesh as fire" to the same future experience to which St. Paul alludes in 1 Corinthians 3:12-15.

My translation of the verse from James is slightly paraphrased.

[Note. As a footnote, how pensions, and even savings, figure into the whole is something I frequently turn over in my mind. Atlanta is a town of much wealth, and the pursuit of wealth here by everyday Americans...

Against that charge from the fifth chapter of James...

Begs the question of exactly how far we have already strayed from a Christian ethos.

But I mention that only because rumours abound regarding 'haircuts' and sweeping losses of pensions and that rush to gold mentioned above was, in a recent season, creating a rumour mill regarding whether or not real gold backs the certificates purchased.

When the enemy counterattacks what seems 'good,' it becomes a matter for analysis and inquiry—which is to say, to whom does James 5 address its concerns?

That banking community we have already seen operate falsely (2008)?

The mega-million and billionaires?

Mom and Pop on Main Street who have channelled their entire lives into acquiring future fortunes that will hold them in their life after retirement?

It is a difficult thing, however, to examine these things quite so acutely, when it has been the way and expectation of our time for many generations now.

A very real question remains, however, when a family becomes excessively wealthy at the expense of the people who laboured to create their wealth.

It is, however, as noted, a moral question.

And for a final note of a most dangerous absurdity, read hereEd.]

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


President Obama Leaves Out an Important Word in His Reading of the Gettysburg Address - God

19 November 2013

"Curiously, however, in his version of the address, President Obama omitted the words "under God." "

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Hat tip: WND

Five copies of the Gettysburg Address exist, three of which contain, 'under God.'

Somehow, that does not remove either the curiousity or the atrocity of the President of the United States of America (whose eyes appear to be reading from a teleprompter) deleting these words from his reading of one of our greatest documents.

It reminds me of other incidents charged against Mr. Obama,, earlier in his presidency.

It may well be that the man can do as he chooses, when reading the Gettysburg Address for posterity. But it remains that what he chose is most distressing.

However, for those who treasure the Gettysburg Address, and still find tears in their eyes when it is read, the Learn the Address project invites "everyone in America to video record themselves reading or reciting the speech." The videotapes will be kept for posterity. Details here.

on violating the Constitution

Obama's Disdain For The Constitution Means We Risk Losing Our Republic

M. Northrop Buechner
19 November 2013

"Mr. Obama has not been shy about pointing out his path. He has repeatedly made clear that he intends to act on his own authority. “I have the power and I will use it in defense of the middle class,” he has said. “We’re going to do everything we can, wherever we can, with or without Congress.” "

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Hat tip: Infowars

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we know the drill

Food stamp opportunists who raided Walmart during EBT glitch to be cut off from program

Ethan A. Huff
Natural News
16 November 2013

"Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal recently announced that everyone who participated in fraud in his state by raiding stores and going on out-of-control shopping sprees will soon receive letters notifying them of either a temporary or permanent loss of benefits."

I know, I know. I need to sit down. But I just can't quit cheering. Way to go, Gov. Jindal!

Back in the late nineties, I witnessed a group of several folk (I was a cashier at a major grocery chain at the time) bring in three or four grocery carts filled to the brim with groceries...

And pay the whole kit n kaboodle with food stamps.

What were they buying? I remember a lot of lobster (no, not the frozen kind) and steaks and thick roasts and other very expensive items I couldn't even dream of purchasing.

But there it is. We know the drill.

the TPP is no joking matter

TPP’s Intellectual Property section also boosts GMO and drug monopolies

Rady Ananda
Activist Post
17 November 2013

"Built on the 1994 TRIPS Agreement (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights), the leaked chapter of the TPP came from the 19th Round of Negotiations at Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, and also covers the prosecution of copyright or intellectual property infringements or violations, criminalizing such infringements and requiring imprisonment for what is now a civil matter."

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unfortunately, not rare enough

Cannibalism In Syria Causes An Extremely Rare Disease 

Ted Shoebat
4 November 2013

"Its called Kuru, an extremely rare disease which virtually became extinct after extinguishing cannibalism in Papua New Guinea."

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'Victim's heart and tongue' with beans

Hat tips: Steve Quayle

not too fond of 'forcibly'

Australia Determined To Forcibly Vaccinate By Intentional and Controlled Release of Aerosolized GMO Vaccine

Dave Mihalovic
Prevent Disease 
15 November 2013

"The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) is on its way to approve a licence application from PaxVax Australia (PaxVax) for the intentional release of a GMO vaccine consisting of live bacteria into the environment in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria."

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Hat tip: From the Trenches World Report

the recent controversy over Typhoon Haiyan

Dutchsinse video prompts Filipino scientist to deny geophysics and HAARP technology

Rady Ananda
Activist Post
15 November 2013

"Not only do EM waves impact weather and earthquakes, but scientists have learned how to use these waves to do just that. Since the mid-1990s, with the creation of HAARP, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project, this technology has been developed and deployed. HAARP manipulates the ionosphere with directed radio waves that then target an area in ways that interfere with electronic communications, prompt earthquakes and yes, direct and enhance storms."

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Includes history of scientific advances in controlling weather
Report after 2010 Symposium
A lighter view of mere 'seeding' (2009)
Yes, China actually admitted it slam-dunked Beijing with a snowstorm (2009)
And meanwhile in the UK (2013)

I have been reading Dutchsinse for some time. While I do not have the expertise to comment on HAARP or what it does/might do, it is quite a curiousity that a consistent correlation can be presumed between the HAARP pulses and...

Severe weather.

His site is worth bookmarking.

wherein leaking secrets is not always a bad thing

Why Do We The People Have To Read TPP On Wikileaks?

Dave Johnson
Our Future
14 November 2013

"TPP is being secretly negotiated in what appears to be a directed process designed so that the outcome will represent the profit interests of giant, multinational corporations but not the interests of … anyone else. 600 corporate representatives are involved, with access to the full text. We the People are not involved and do not have access to the text at all in full or in part. Even members of Congress are restricted in what they can see and how they can see it."

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twelve years a slave

12 Years a Slave is a long movie, and hard to watch. You begin to wish it would end, likely a device in the hands of the filmmakers to accomplish what film cannot do, for a movie can only transport to that place that seems as real as its subject matter, and then you go home...

Carrying with you some new place, yes, that you have not been. But a place that functions within a freedom to move, a freedom to choose, a freedom to think further about that place the movie created, or forget about it completely and decide what to have for dinner, or where to go for your next delightful hour, as the movie ends...

And yes, even a freedom to determine whether to remain in the theatre, or walk out into the sun that surely must be shining, somewhere.

And it is the loss of freedom, against a graver question, that is what this movie demands so exquisitely that you reckon, as you burn through the two plus hours that can only suggest the twelve years Platt, Negro slave, endured.

The movie is based on the life of Solomon Northup, a freeman from Sarasota, NY, who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1841. It is taken from, and fairly consistently patterned on, his autobiography. Platt, as Sol was known during his years in slavery, suffered through twelve years at the hands of several slaveowners, before he was able to be liberated into his own again. It is a brutal movie, but transcends the story of white man against black man to, without question, make the movie a tale of larger dimension.

That larger story encompasses the culpability of each of us in that question of how far we might go in order to save ourselves from apocalyptical destructions. Many who view it might wish to limit the movie to the smaller dimension of white against black, but it is only possible to do so if you daydream through what is clearly set out in its two plus hours.

I could not help, however, but observe the two moments in the film where a coming retribution is warned. Yes, in the life of Solomon Northup, that could only refer (if indeed those moments came from Northup, and not the Hollywood version of his life) to the coming Civil War.

In the hands of its makers, however, those two moments seethed with a more edged possibility of a future event for its present viewers. I shivered, almost as though a narrator somewhere off the screen muttered through clenched teeth, You have been warned.

I skimmed the autobiographical narrative (1853) from which the movie is taken (which narrative was dictated by Northup to its editor, David Wilson), shortly after returning home, the afternoon I saw the movie. I had left the theatre to a darkening sky that, as I scurried up the hills to my apartment, wishing I had dressed more warmly against the chill, became black night.

The "Marse'" of the Negro dialect of that era is completely removed both from the movie and the narrative. Some semblance of that dialect might be preserved in the Negro slave song that appears in the appendices of the autobiography—too, that the Northup family is not the wealthy, cultured family that the movie pretends is set out clearly in the book version, both in Northup's own words, and in Anne Northup's "memorial" (I suspect this is what we would regard an affidavit now), which is also addended in the original and states that the family does not have the money to affect the righting of this legal wrong against Sol.

Yet the concessions the movie made regarding that hour's crippled vision remove little from the story, and whether the Northup family was truly what Hollywood envisioned is of no consequence: Hollywood is, after all, what it is, and it merely panders to what it knows is valued by the society at large.

It is, then, a small matter that our time lauds a certain envisioning of what is 'noble,' and reduces it to wealth and culture and breeding in a way that is facile, and luxurious to the touch. The story is not damaged by it (although a viewer might well be).

What effect the tweaking might have on the movie's overall assessment as a potential masterpiece, however, is a different matter. When a movie panders to elements that romanticize its tale, it loses. In this case, certainly, the impact of the movie is not lessened by Hollywood's error. It may well be that impact trumps all. This movie is one from which a viewer will take away much that is subjective, and framed entirely by what a viewer brings to the screen.

Sol himself, in the autobiography dictated to its editor in 1853, speaks to the brute and deadened intellect—like that of beasts—of many of the slaves he came to know during these years after he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. That he knew slaves from the safety of his life as a freeman is a matter over which he muses in the early pages of the book, where the necessary liberty of all created individuals is likewise mused as the eternal question that it becomes, this side of Heaven.

These philosophical matters tell much of the intellect of Solomon Northup. Whether he spoke in the cultured tones of the autobiography that bears his name is not known: again, the book is dictated.

Yet movies translate such musings with perhaps more difficulty. You end up with a moment that, in vignette, can only suggest. The movie has that moment, but without having read the book at that point, I missed its impact.

Yet that deadening—that inhumanity of man to man (again, the broader stroke of that inhumanity: not the smaller one of white against black)—is the larger question of the movie's broad frame. Whether because the intellect was never awakened or trained, or because it was beaten from those who could never know it is of less consequence in the fact of that existence wherein the intellect could not flourish. I don't know that the more philosophical musings in which Sol himself is revealed in the book quite make it to the screen, but I do recognize that the brutality of the world into which he cast them is difficult to render on-screen.

The movie does not go so cleanly into those musings, however: again, it can only suggest. Perhaps, because the autobiography does, the movie might have been richer an offering then it was. However, it remains a movie of much richness that at least attempts to portray what Northup himself questioned, setting it, this late in the human story, long after both the Civil War and Nazi Germany, into that question of individual culpability in all the horrors that our shared humanity has now known.

But I would highly recommend reading the original autobiography, after or before watching the movie that Hollywood made of Solomon Northup's story.

Solomon's own culpability in beating Patsy, a slave whom the book brings to a more coherent and necessary life and vitality than the movie managed—and that is not so much a fault of the movie as it is, again, just the way things are—is also better explained in the book than in the movie. However, the tenderness with which the movie portrays that earlier moment, when Patsy begs Solomon to hold her beneath the waters of the plantation's bayou until she is dead, as she does not have the strength to do herself—then moves to the episode after Patsy has been beaten by both Platt, the slave, and the master, who is crazed by his own lust for Patsy as much as the guilt exacerbated by his wife's seething knowledge of and continued haranguing against the relationship between Patsy and her husband...

The master snatches the whip from Platt to attack Patsy with what 'crazed violence' can scarcely portray...

The lashes that lacerate and flay her back visibly into raw strips, in the next scene, tended by women who are aware of the excruciating sting of the medicine they must so cautiously apply, are rendered in extreme detail.

And the poignancy it gains when Patsy lifts her head, weeping, to look at Solomon…

That earlier moment bleeding out from her eyes, why did you not kill me when I begged that your strength could do what my weakness could never.

It is a betrayal powerfully wrought.

Yet Patsy's eventual breakdown, where the entire humanity so vibrantly set into that woman is beaten to below that of even a broken animal, does not make it to the screen. Nor does Eliza's—a slave woman allowed that life of dream—the cultured, well bred, exalted and sheltered from all possibility of harm existence as the beloved of the master (whether, again, rendered into a dream that the modern viewer might appreciate, more so than fact, is not my knowing), whose sweet and delicate and lovely child she had birthed—both her children will be taken from her and she will not survive the taking…

The book vividly portrays the atrocities in the lives of these two women, where the movie cannot. (As a footnote, the degree with which the movie encapsulates the sweet innocence of that child, into whose world has not crept that monster which cometh—whose very innocence could not even dream that what is coming might have existence—is most ably accomplished.)

However, the movie had a different purpose. Again, a larger one. It did not diminish the horrors of that hour's degradation and loss or the intrinsic loss of humanity that resulted (and which defines that awful hour).

But it does not linger there. It has a different teaching. Yes, the movie could have accomplished more, perhaps, in portraying the horror's of—not man's inhumanity to man, which was the book's intent—but that sliver of history that is defined as the white man against the African that has been held, nurtured, and handed down, tended and kept raw as if a portion of that chant crooned by the oppressed—the song crooned as lullaby and a day's endurance…

But that was not the movie's intent, and had it been so, the movie would be far less than what it potentially might become.

For the movie indeed wanted the story of humanity, and borrowed that sliver of human history in which to set that story out (as Solomon Northup's original did): a story of man's inhumanity to his brothers and sisters—while Saul himself went on to become an abolitionist, neither his book nor the movie created from it should be limited by, if I may, that smaller vision of black versus white.

Yes, the movie warns, twice, of that coming conflagration—to its historical setting, certainly, a foreshadowing of the coming civil war. Yet, set down on that larger screen, into today's receiving, the warnings reverberated with the more sinister application, and not for a moment do I doubt all heard as I heard…

12 Years a Slave manages to question the broader strokes of that inhumanity, however—the question of each individual's culpability within that inhumanity, and it is in broadening its story that the movie edges toward what greatness it can.

Not a race against a race. It is the question posed from the first, when the survival of the individual is set out as the choice that must be made, and the actions chosen at each turn of the camera's eye become the answer, choice by choice by choice.

From the choice to trust the white man who had once been an overseer but had been brought low by drink and now lived and worked and slept with slaves—to the necessary betrayal of that same man, once he had betrayed Saul…

To the clear choice to obey that final slaveowner, a man crazed by lust and position and drink and power, when Platt is ordered to whip Patsy…

As the movie had carefully revealed, Platt is a man who had turned on and fought an overseer who came at him—.

An offense punishable by death by a vigilante squad, if not punishable by an unforgiving law.

Yet Platt had been saved from that inexorable sentence (and by a white man). To obey, then, the demand that he take up that whip and turn it on Patsy, against the plain fact that he was a man who was capable of turning that whip, once grasped, on the master who demands...

Yet Platt chose to beat Patsy.

One must believe a higher knowledge is resident in man: that fact is certainly woven through the movie as a motif and theme; how could these things rage in a world that allows the existence of God.

To suggest that the question of obedience at that moment was not a choice set upon Platt, who made the more awful choosing, misses both the intent and the clear evidence of the movie at large, which likewise attempts the larger story of slavery, brought to life by the slave who, stolen by slave traders then found by his master, runs faster than a greased lightening to his master, and, leaping up into his very arms, clings to that master with all the love and devotion of a child's fervour.

That is as much the story of slavery as its more awful and degraded tales.

The weight of the awful, however, yes, indisputably twists the less destructive elements of the whole into the story now told and crooned. But the movie does not rest there.

Apocalyptical elements seethe out from the movie's minutes—even Nazi Germany seeds into the consciousness of the wise audience that watches—that great question of how far does each individual go, in cooperating with the evils of each society that erupts out onto the stage to dance about the fire as savages, as in the drum beat and rhythm of moccasined boot in that strangely-set in vignette about the fire, where the Indians roasted deer and the slaves, invited, stopped to sup with them—a vignette incomprehensible save in that understanding of the savagery which shadows all—its comprehension only visible to the one who dances…

That question is asked again and again in this film and it is in that asking that 12 Years a Slave is made almost a work of art that may well endure, even as it transcends the "mereness" of both that hour it borrows to tell its humanity in its last hour tale…

And the lesser understanding of the many who, like Oprah Winfrey, will borrow what the movie attempts to portray for their own ends.